Shape rotation must be a first-class operation

After users resize a shape, on-canvas controls can be later used to inspect the shape's current size in all 3 dimensions. If a shape is moved, users can then inspect it's current location when a ruler exists on the canvas. But once a shape is rotated, users have never been provided a means to inspect how many degrees of rotation have been applied in each dimension.

Users must be able to determine how much rotation has been applied in each dimension. This inability to do so continues to be one of Tinkercad's most significant problems in the UX. It's a particular impediment for younger users and those trying to position a shape for 3D printing.

A possible solution might be to display the angle of rotation of the original bounding box when the user mouses over a rotation arrow control. If this solution were adopted, then it should also be possible to highlight (in red) the rotation value, select it, and edit it, as is possible with the ruler's size and location offset values.

  • Bob

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