what is weGL cause it's Bull@#$%

One minute, I designing with tinkercad, the next minute, google chrome is not working. I get this message" Your browser and operating system seems to be up to date, but there is a problem running the 3D content. The most probable reason is that your graphics drivers or computer is incompatible with WebGL."  "Get WebGL supported browser to design with Tinkercad ". What's this bull!@#$%^&. When ever you make a change; you make tinkercad hard to use. I use a public Library computer and the browser is google chrome. Why would you use something that not compatible with one of the most commonly used browser? Are you nuts? Are you try to force people away.

Mike Hartridge

Long time use of tinkercad, soon to not use to be a not tinkercade use.


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