Makerbot Printshop settings

I'm sorry this is not technically a question for Tinkercad itself, more for the general 3D printing community, but I've tried finding help else where and really am short on time for a solution. I'm having a few of my students create pieces using Makerbot Printshop on their ipads. I need help getting their pieces uploaded onto my Thingiverse account so I can open them on my computer and print them through my Makerbot Replicator program. I found on thingiverse that others have uploaded their prints and thingiverse says in order to do this you have to switch your default settings on the app to public. I've gone into the settings tab on their apps and I cannot find any such option. As far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong) the Replicator 2x does not connect wirelessly, so what are my options here? These prints are of special importance to these students as they are commemorating the loss of a loved one.


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