Limitations on contributing to the Tinkercad Community

A somewhat new curriculum area that I've received positive results from in my classroom work involves students creating 2.5D dioramas that are laser cut out of foam board. A number of limitations within the Tinkercad ecosystem are making it necessary for me to use schools' intranet-based tools rather than those in the Tinkercad ecosystem to support this classroom work.


A screenshot of one design that I've shared with my students is shown.



In this layout, students benefit from the opportunity to see the totality of elements that make up this scene together in sitro. In order to evolve a shared design like this they currently must Copy & Tinker a drawing laid-out like this one. 


Yet this spacial layout doesn't easily lend itself to either to cutting or remixing. The individual pieces of these components in both these downstream scenarios require that the pieces of immediate interest be laid-out on the canvas, along the lines of a cut plan. 



If the version of this design that students C&T, then each student has to go through the tedious and non-productive exercise of developing their own version of a cut plan.


I'll leave it to the Tinkercad team to determine whether, when and how to open opportunities for schools and users generally to support their desired level of sharing of organically developed contributions like this one.


- Bob


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