Make Shapes Not Intersect

I don't know if this would be something that many people would need, but is it possible to make an item set so that nothing can intersect with it.  For example, if I created 2 torus rings I could move them so they are looped inside one another like a chain.  Then is there a setting that can be checked so that if I then try to move them they will only move up to the point in which they would connect or intersect with the other ring but not actually touch the other ring or go through it.  This would be useful in a project like I am working on at https://tinkercad.com/things/1nZyrId8zth.  This way I could place a ring inside another ring and then could only move it within that ring, exactly like you would in the physical world.  This could be a useful feature if you are trying to put items close together but not touch.  If this isnt possible, is there a way to somehow highlight where items intersect with each other so I can at least easily see that and try to make my adjustments?


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