Gen6 Clip Bug

I've isolated a quite fragile characterization of a bug I've seen intermittently during the last 6 months. The characterization can be found in the following drawing...


Just in case, the faulty rendering disappears between this report and when an engineer gets the chance to look at it, here's an image showing the incorrect clipping of a shape...

It's worth noting that the washboard-like shape was imported into Tinkercad as an STL. The height of that STL was then raised to 40mm, after which the shape was rotated, clipped, designated as hole, and eventually made a member of a nested group. This group is what's shown in the above image. The error I would draw your attention to is the funky bit all the way to the right. That shouldn't be there. Also note that mesh isn't just a rendering error. I can select the grouped shape by selecting the erroneous mesh. Yet if I copy & paste this shape, or rotate it, or resize it, it's entirely possible that this erroneous mesh may disappear.

  • Bob

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