Tinkercad's Extrusion Shape Generator Needs Fixing

* The Profile should be presented as an on-canvas control, or at least be enlargeable beyond the current postage stamp size in the Inspector pane.

* A Profile control in the Inspector pane should display a grid that includes evenly spaced accent lines.

* An on canvas Profile control should allow the viewing and manipulation of points via a UX similar to the controls users currently use for resizing or rotating shapes.

* The on-canvas Profile control should include a gesture for adding points where a user clicks. The angle of a newly added point should be consistent with the profile of the shape before the point was added.

* The Snap setting in the Profile should persist on a per-shape, per-canvas or per-user basis.

* The Profile control should support the ability to replace the current profile with one matching a shape that is dragged & dropped onto the Profile control.

  • Bob


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