Requesting Bevel/Chamfer on edges - Settings should be PER EDGE

Hi. In case you were born yestereday:
1) Most manufactured parts have either a chamfer or bevel on their edge(s) because well it makes the edge smooth and not sharp.

2) ROBUST design tools, and gee Autodesk it seems you might know something about these tools - have this functionality.

The ability to put a chamfer or bevel should be PER EDGE, don't think you set it once and it must apply to all edges on an object/part. This should be standard on ALL 3D software....it's not like this is a new idea, or gee software to design parts is something new.

To make a simple chamfer or bevel I should NOT have make any extra objects and subtract them from the object edge I want the bevel/chamfer. Make a way to select an SPECIFIC edge in an object, and then set the properties to bevel/chamfer.

Churned in Charlotte


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