Tinkercad: Gen6 Mesh Generation Errors

There are numerous open problem reports that I've submitted over the course of the last 3 years that are not resolved. This is one I opened a discussion for over 6 months ago...


After much denial that it might be a Tinkercad bug, and much finger pointing at the writers of Shape Generators, I posted an update this weekend that characterizes the condition using the same code submitted by the Tinkercad engineering lead, I finally received an acknowledgement that there is in fact a bug in the engine. (For the record, it's also been demonstrated that the mesh generation code for as many as 25% of all published Shapes are faulty. How they're to be corrected, I have no idea.)

Anyway, here is the post I submitted yesterday...

I finally got a chance last night to return to the shape generator code I've been having continual problems with. I'm experiencing the same type of mesh errors when trying to use objects based 100% on the code written by Quin, the lead Tinkercad team engineer. I've enclosed a screenshot of an erroneously rendered object based on that code. I've also made my drawing public under the name MeshBug2.


I would again suggest that there are both errors in the engine itself and deficiencies in the API documentation.

The response I received yesterday from Peter, the Tinkercad engineering lead, is as follows...

When the length equals width in this shape generator, there is a very thin belt generated to connect the beginning and ending. Our mesh edge and silhouette generation can be too sensitive in certain case like this, we will take a further check. For now, I updated the shape generator and attached, try it and let me know if any issue.


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