Tinkercad is not getting the care it needs

There are SO many problems, large and small, old and new, previously reported and unreported. It's like Autodesk people aren't actually using the app...

* Every time I sign on I'm asked whether Tinkercad should remember my identity. Regardless of my answer it doesn't remember me and it asks the same question all over again on every subsequent sign-on.

* One of the links on a Google results page for "Tinkercad Support community" search is https://support.tinkercad.com/hc/en-us/community/topics But if I'm not signed on then right after this page is displayed I'm redirected to https://support.tinkercad.com. But this page shows "My Activities" and "Logout" in the upper right corner. But I'm not signed on. So these options are greyed out. In order to actually get to the topics page I have to hit the Back button and stop the page load before it gets redirected again.

* More than a year after first reporting this problem, the GEN6 kernel still doesn't generate the mesh of the seam of shape generators' properly. So Shape Generators have been busted with no end in sight.

* SVG import problems persist.

* A year after the conversion to the Autodesk identity service, users still can't log in if they've disabled 3rd party cookies.

- Bob


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