model file

Hi I'm new to this as in a week or so of realising it has came a long way from 6 yes ago ,I'm a sculptor that does it the old way ,clay make my price then make mould then make in the material I want to use ,eg resin wax ,or what ever it is , this 3d printing means I can make all my parts first and put them together to make a complete one of custom price ,which then turns out to be cheaper and the guarantee that there has only one been made , to recouped you're money that you put in , that's why making a limited run is usually done ,monetary reasons , while I am at this early learning stage I am looking for some one who can turn my ideas in to files ready to print ,I have looked at a few of the models out there for free ,well lots lol ,but at the moment I want three paintings I have done turned in to files ready for printing , I live in the Edinburgh area Scotland , if there is anyone who is out there who would be willing to join me in this area ,could you get in touch , and we can talk about how we can work together , making some great art , I do a lot in the art scene ,hydrodipping airbrushing,sculpting and building motorcycles , ,I really need help to make 24 hrs turn in to 48hrs ,lol thanks for reading and don't be shy about showing our work ,after all this is an up and coming technology that will soon be as prevalent as the mobile phone , 



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