Am I asking too much of the Shape Generator api?

Is it more likely that I have run up against some complexity limit within the Shape Generator or that my Shape Generator is building buggy shapes?

Tinkercad is amazing. My interest in this space is 3D printing.

I moved from Sketchup (frustrating problems with curved shape intersections)

to Tinkercad (intuitive breath of fresh air)

to Tinkercad Shape Generator (oh the power!)

My mission (with my new found power) is to build parameterized models. For example a Dart Holder case. Not all darts are created with the same dimensions. So rather than tweaking several different aspects of a model to match your darts all you'd need to do is enter the details (lengths and diameters of various bits) and the generator would craft you a case shape specific for your darts.

I started with a simple proof of concept Shape Generator to test my ability to compose bits, test my vision for spacing and a few tolerances of my 3D printer. The API of the Shape Generator made the scary bits easy! (unions, subtractions, transformations) The frustrations I ran into were entirely unexpected. (execution timeouts, inconsistent rendering, poor work flow).

Some times I save my script, tweak a setting and my shape disappears with an time out error message (infinite loop?). While other times (tweaking a single translation value) and it work fine.

Some times I get a garbled section of my shape (a hole that is half filled in). Yet after removing a mesh that doesn't intersect this part of the model the hole is subtracted correctly - (this is the bit that makes me fear I'm running into a complexity wall)

I struggle with the appropriate work flow. Should I be looking at a stage with one of my models on it as I'm editing the script? Should I expect that model to update automatically after saving or is it expected that I tweak one of the parameters for it to refresh? (I can see justification for both.)


I really hope that I have not run up against some complexity limit within the Shape Generator and that you can tell me your servers were struggling last week and will be all better next week. :)

Does 123D Design have better handling for this sort of thing?
Might there be a premium version of Tinkercad that would allow for more complex scripts?

Should I consider learning a whole different language (OpenSCAD or such)?


Thank you for your time and consideration. This is a wonderful community you're growing.





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