Shapes and Grid turning invisible

This is driving me nuts, i am in the middle of a project and this happened:

When an object is turned into a hole, it becomes invisible and so does the grid making it impossible to cut holes out of objects (or see inside them anymore).

It was working fine yesterday, it was working this morning, it was working fine this afternoon. Then a few hours ago i turn on Google Chrome (computer was not shut off or logged off) and it's impossible to get it to work properly.

There's been ZERO changes to windows 7, zero changes to google chrome, zero changes to drivers, zero changes to anything. I simply opened up chrome and it doesn't matter what i do (restarted pc, checked drivers, reinstalled chrome from fresh, tried a new project, checked flashplayer, list goes on), it won't work anymore (works fine on firefox and explorer). But i go on my secondary work computer on chrome and it works fine.

Now there's a tough one for you guys...


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