Paid TinkerCad?

I was told to test TinkerCad. The person wasn't quite sure what to call it, so I searched for ThinkerCad. And found the right thing.

I have produced more in a few days than I thought possible. I do not do 3D often, but need to make a fastener, an instrument case or a bracket of same kind now and then.

TinkerCad works very well for such purposes. But now it doesn't work any more. I can do the design, alright. And I can find it in my set of models. But that's it. No downloading, no printing.

Question: is there a limit as to how many designs you can make in the free version? If so, how can I buy a version where the limit has been removed? Or is there some other problem?

The design was baptized Swanky Jarv-Fulffy by the system.




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