Pony Fans Welcome

There are a lot of bronies and pegasisters, so why not bring them all together?

I've been a huge fan of MLP since G4 S1 came out. Like most of the Brony/Pegasister fandom...

And since then, I've been looking for a creative way to create and share pony-related things.

I've been trying Deviant Art, but that didn't work out too well for me.

Reddit and Tumblr are full of trolls.

But Tinkercad, this website got all I need!

  • A 3D Modelling Program that I don't even have to download. 
  • The ability to share and rate others creations.
  • Easy to learn and easy to understand tutorials/lessons.
  • Even a forum!

I hope this'll help some people to get together, and share whatever they've made.

Love and tolerate! - Jont-3


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