Hot Clog on extruder

My extruder is clogged, I can not do a cold pull (the space inside my extruder right above the nozzle seems to be bigger than the neck where I insert the filament, so once the plastic hardens, it can no longer fit through the neck). I have elevated the temperature to 240 C, and manually extruded about 1 foot. The filament extruded is still bumpy, and only smooth at the start. I am using PLA, Prusa i3 electron.
I have also tried to insert a wire through the nozzle, but I cannot find a suitable wire that fits inside, and is hard enough to not bend. Can I have some suggestions as to where I can acquire a thin wire (extruder is 0.4 mm) to use? I know that guitar string is usable, but it will take me forever to buy it. Are there any alternatives?



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