Allow comma as decimal separator

For those who don't know, the world is split in two communities. One part uses the POINT as decimal separator, and the COMMA as thousands separator, while the other does the exact opposite.


1,000.12  == One thousand and twelve tenth == 1.000,12

I'm living in the part of the world that uses the comma as decimal separator, so on my keyboards numpad the key between zero and enter produces this: "," - which is not accepted by Tinkercad as decimal separator. Meaning I have to constantly move my hand and find the dot key.

Since there is no need to separate the thousands in Tinkercad, it shouldn't be a big deal if command and point are both seen as decimal separator.


Sidenote: Some day someone should try to calculate how much work and money is wasted simply because the world can't decide which indicator to use as decimal sign. Think about it - ANY text file that is read has to be specially processed to make sure the signs are correctly interpreted. Best case is you get an exception. Worst case? Numbers are accepted but wrong.
You think different codepages are bad? At least they mostly produce obvious problems, not something that sneaks up on you...

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