How to bend a shape?

Hi all! I just looked at this website, 1st time today, so excuse if this question is totally horrible newb question.. But I am looking to make somewhat of a parabolic shape.. So IU figured I'd start with a sheet, make it thinner, then bend it.. well, I cannot find a way to bend it.. So then I figured, use a "rounded roof" and then cut out the other side to be more hollow, but cannot figure how to do that...  Do I need to pretty much generate a new shape, or would I even begin to make something like this? 

Perhaps I just need to connect a lot of shapes one to another and achieve the shape I need that way? The link I am pasting is not necessarily what I need, but it's an example of a shape I want...  and what I am interested in - I think, is how would I design such a thing from scratch here?


oh..! Perhaps a bigger cylinder, then a smaller cylinder as a "hole"? Am I on the right track? :)




Did I get something here? Not perfect, but I think I have figured out one way to achieve "something" towards my goal - I am looking to make a "sound deflector" as my Philips TV has back speakers, but I do not have it on a wall, the sound is horribly louder behind it, as opposed to the front of it - 





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