Ability to label or tag items

I want to apply a text label to objects in the work space. For example I am working on tuning cylinders for couplers and what not for my rockets.

I want to make one project file with all the different sizes and what not in it so I can goto it and "get" whatever size I happen to neat. for example I just made T300 ID and BT50HD OD tubes. I want to be able to LABEL them as such as it will get hard to tell them apart once you have more than a couple.

this would exist only in tinkercad and just be for my reference so I can tell the objects apart from each other. it would also be nice if it "names" the STL file the label/note text if I download it.

so if I have a tinkercad project called TUBES and I grab a tube in their called T300 ID it and download that one object it should name the download T300 ID.STL


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