Impossible to percectly align two pieces

I am having an issue creating a flat, smooth surface using the Sliced Cylinder generator.


I'm trying to create a perfect join between the highlighted piece and the piece above it.

Right now, if I group them, set it as a hole, and then group that with the piece on the right, it leaves this vertical line:

The highlighted piece in picture one is too far to the right. If I adjust the piece over 0.01mm, it is then too far to the left and still leaves a line as seen above.

I placed the grid on the top piece and made sure the original highlighted piece was exactly 0mm away, and it was:


Even using the align tool to make sure the two pieces are lined up, that vertical line in picture 2 is still there:


I have been trying to make this work for hours and it's frustrating that it won't. Any suggestions on what to try instead?


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