Saving Object Coordinates For Dualstrusion

Is there any way to have Tinkercad save the coordinates of objects, so then when I merge them in Simplify3D they align correctly? For instance if in Tinkercad I create a square and embed another shape within it and centered middle height. Then hide or delete one object leaving the other where it is not the plane, saving the sol, then doing the same for other object, leaving it where its positioned and saving it as an stl as well. Then import both sol into Simplify3D and align the objects and have them align to how they were positioned in Tinkered. Right now it appears that Tinkered doesn't save the coordinates to where the objects were located. When I import into Simplify3D and align they don't align how I had them. Is this something that can be fixed or added to the new TinkerCad beta? Is there a program (free) that I could use to to make sure they align correctly?


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