Editor vs Inspector measurements

Just to be certain because I feel like I must be wrong here but when I adjust the measurements in the "editor" ( 3D environment ) and the numbers don't change in the "inspector" ( top right where it's named SHAPE ) does that mean the object hasn't really been changed?  Subsequently if I were to 3D print off a box that was originally 10x10x10 but I had adjusted, even grouped with "holes", would the print just be the 10x10x10 box?  Do the dimensions in the inspector eventually adjust?  Do I have to make all the adjustments in the 3D environment, write them down and then change them manually in the inspector?

This must be wrong, right?  All the effort and time I put into visually adjusting the objects are in vain if the intension is to eventually print them off?

I'm new to the program and this seems like a very basic question but a lot hinges on whether I can visually create objects with accuracy.



( Also, I can't pan using a trackpad can I ?  I need a three button mouse to properly use the computer and a laptop won't do? )


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