line drawing from inkscape becomes messed up blob in tinkercad

hello all!

i would appreciate some help from the community on this.  i've seen some helps out there, but none address the problem.

i've made a line drawing in inkscape (0.91) of an elephant.  the spaces inside the shapes are clear.  i've tested this by dragging other shapes through the line drawing.  

i've saves as an svg.

when i import into tinkercad, the spaces get filled in.  

i'm either doing something wrong in inkscape or tinkercad.

no websites or other software is helpful to me right now.  i've tried every means i currently know to convert an svg to stl with no good results.  i don't know how to use solidworks, blender, fusion 360.  i don't have illustrator or photoshop.  

i've done other 2d artwork from inkscape into tinkercad before with good results.  it's just that this time, it's a line drawing where the voids all get filled in when i import into tinkercad.


thanks in advance for any help!

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