Hi All

I seem to be having a problem with maintaining diameter size.

I am trying to design a spool holder insert where I want a certain OD

as well as a certain ID.

I have created New designs 3 times yet after the print is complete its like what

I have input for OD and ID is not what is printing.

Basically I begin by dragging out some cylinders, since I can manually set the size (diameter)

in BETA (cannot seem to do it in the Normal TinkerCad) I set each cylinder to my desired diameter

and then line both up and center.

I then drag out a Hole Cylinder and do the same.

Once everything is lined up and centered I group them all.

Since I can manually edit the size field in BETA (which is nice BTW) I have not tried to

see if I can replicate this in the Normal Tinkercad.

I have even tried to set the diameters larger (ID and OD) and for some reason

it just does not seem to be increasing.

Any thoughts???

My printer is a DaVinci 1.0 with a ZeroCart device

and I am still using XYZWare.

All of my other designs seem to be holding their size but this

Circle//Diameter design is got my scratching my head.

In the NORMAL mode of TinkerCad is there a way to manually

change the fields like in Beta?

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