Deleting Designs is PAINFUL

I've been using TinkderCad for years now, and love it - its intuitive interface and ease of use has allowed me to make (literally) hundreds of designs.  Unfortunately, that means I HAVE hundreds of designs (459 at last count), and this has become an impossible situation to manage, for the following reasons:

  • TinkerCad doesn't allow partial word match searches - only complete words.  Many many of my old designs have titles like 'robotfrontfenderV1', and searching for 'robot' or 'fender' won't find these.
  • TinkerCad's project feature is completely useless - all it does is make unnecessary duplication
  • TinkerCad doesn't allow multiple design deletes.  We need the ability to perform an action (like delete) on ALL the designs returned in a search.
  • Deleting an old design in TinkerCad is PAINFUL!!, especially for an older design.  If I want to delete several designs on page 15 of my design list, TinkerCad automatically returns me to my current page of designs so I have to re-navigate to page 15 each time - PAINFUL!!  Please, Please Please give us some sort of multiple-design management capability




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