SVG Export Issues with Illustrator CC 2017


i'm new to TinkerCad but was pointed this way so i could convert some simple 2D designs into extruded 3D design for printing. After playing with the tool's tutorials, I figured this was the basic and perfect tool for me to accomplish my goals. My issue is that no matter what i do, I cannot seem to get my SVG shapes exported from AI CC 2017's "smart, more efficient SVG generator" to import/upload. I get all sorts of error. Below is what i've encountered and how i've attempted to fix it:

1. Avoid styles in your file
I wasn't really sure how to do this until I saw on another thread to change the styles to be Presentation Attributes. I've done that so hopefully this address that concern.

2. I read all over to save as SVG 1.0 and not 1.1
When uploading, TinkerCad would say cannot detect version. In AI's new export interface, I cannot choose a profile so not sure what to do there. In another thread, I read to add <?xml version="1.0"?> to the beginning of the file to address this. With that bit of coded added (not sure this is the right thing to do) TinkerCad now uploads the file and gives me this error: "Status" -1, log":"Number Of Tossed Paths: ...

Not sure why this thing won't accept EPS or some other vector file format but I'm guessing thatit  may be because TinkerCad is a web application so they want to stick to things such as XML for ease... but its' not working :(

If anyone else on has experienced the same issues and has a fix, that would be great as I don't see an .STL export function from AI (Not that I even know what that is since I'm such a 3D noob).

Thank you!!



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