Cylinder Shape (tube) Generator

I wanted a hollow cylinder shape for a project.  I am using mm and I created a cylinder (tube) that was 125mm tall, and 150mm in diameter.

I have no idea what wall thickness means.  When I change the slider or type in a number, it seems to change both the wall thickness and the height of the object (that is, the dimension that is at right angle to the diameter).

Is it supposed to be an absolute number in mm?  A percentage of the available hole space?  I did a print with 0.1 and it was very thin.  Unfortunately, measuring the result does me no good since a minimum thickness is likely to have been imposed by the slicer.  It seems to have a range of 0-100, is it percent of something?

Also, what does radius mean?  It has some effect but it is set to 6.42 and I have no idea what that means.


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