Printing issues

For weeks I have been trying to make my printer perform using models I have put together in Tinkercad with not good results yet able to print the default G Code files or downloaded files with no issues, this resulted in following a tutorial and adding another printer profile, post processor ect only using 3D Builder to make the whole process the same as the tutorial. I followed it to the letter with good print results from models I made in this program. I have since backtracked to my previous printer profiles ect where the only thing different was the build program so on my return to building with Tinkercad I have again suffered the same no good results. I am currently modelling with 3D builder but really enjoyed Tinkercad and want to use it but need some help to solve the issues.

My printer is the Balco 3D touch with Cura 2.7 Slicer with the Balco PLA profile and as I say the program I am currently using is printing good but design something in Tinkercad the result is NG. The printer does not move to the centre to print but starts from the home position (bottom left) and will miss half the print as it can not go any further left on the X axis or up on the Y axis. This is very frustrating as I did love Tinkercad and would like to return to using it so any help would be great.


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