How to convert Autodesk 123d Beta 9 file to any usable format?

Some years back I put a lot of effort in a CNC Router design using Autodesk 123D Beta 9. The project was put on hold for quite a while now, but I wanted continue working on it for now.

My problem now is, that I cannot download the 123D Beta 9 anymore anywhere on the net. I found an old download for Beta 6, yet it cannot open the 123d file created with beta 9 (always tells me the file cannot be opened since it would be "ready only" (which is not true according to Windows Explorer).

So my questions are:

- Is there any chance that someone can point me to an old download for the beta 9 version?

- are there any tools to convert the 123d file created with beta 9 to another format?

Since I invested a lot of time in the old design and some of the measurements would be hard to recreated, I would really appreciate any help on how to get my files back into an editable state.


Thanks a lot in advance for any help



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