Notification system

Hello, just thought I would suggest a feature in the notifications/on design pages where you can choose if you want notifications from specific designs or not. In other words, the ability to stop getting notifications from a particular design. I own a massive chat room, and people always complain about the notifications it gives them. Even though it has it's disclaimer right in the title (I change the name every now and then but the message stays the same) [Do not comment or like unless you want a ton of notifications], who reads any warning labels? It beats me how people just can't listen to the title of a design (and now i'm using tags on it so I can say they were warned twice). I understand the notifications are down and being worked on with possibly some new features, and for all I know this is one of 'em. If it is, thanks for working on it. If it's not, then thanks for at least reading this and maybe considering it.


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