When exactly will the site be fixed?

Hello, just wanted see if I could get an answer as to when the site would be fixed. It's been 26 days since update 3.11 and as far as I can see, nothing has been fixed. No notifications, no comment limits, no comment size limits, no tag size limits, easy swearing loopholes, the pictures are even more cropped than before, you can't see who likes your stuff, there's more lag when loading comments than before, and last but not least the hot now gallery seems to be completely screwed over for 5 days. Hot now has been a random mixture of staff favorites and older designs. Might as well be called hot last month, 'cause 14+ designs on the first two pages are a month or more old. It looks like you can't get new designs on it very quickly anymore, and it's gonna be a minimum of a few days if your design does well. 18 days ago is the earliest time I could find you guys saying this stuff would be fixed "soon". I certainly can't speak for everyone but my idea of "soon" doesn't approach 3 weeks, especially when key features like notifications are gone. I just would like to know time frame, if not a set time, of when this plethora of problems will be fixed. A lot of folks are wondering when this stuff will be dealt with, since the only thing that has been said about it is the word "soon". No banners, no tweets, no time frames, no nothing (unless I am missing something from another social media platform). I can't say enough how long it's been since 3.11. We are approaching four weeks now. I notice how on the recent "10 million friends" post you guys say how dark October of 2014 was. I don't know if you guys realize it, but it's been pretty dark for the people utilizing Tcad in these recent times.


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