Student RE-login

I've experienced some of what has been detailed in the student user/login in areas. It goes like this:

Students create their 'under 13' account, use the teacher generated approval code and get to work. The 2 weeks later, the same successful students cannot get into their account and a few of them I reset their passwords. I've noticed another educator saying much the same thing, at the account is locked out after about 2 weeks of use even though the teacher approval code had been entered.


I can't seem to get every kid logged in or on at the same class sitting. I have about 90 fifth graders who need to do this in the next 2 weeks. I sure hope you can help.


I love the groups option, though I wish once I clicked on a class that the entire class was shown instead of me having to keep adding more to view each time to see everyone in the class.


Kellie Determan




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