Fix the Absolutely Worst Approach Possible to Generator Menus

I see that, for no good reason whatsoever, you have decided to return to the completely useless approach of having page after page of wildly disorganized Shape Generators in the menu system.

If you could imagine a worse way of doing it I'm sure you would have implemented that instead.

To add to the stupidity, the randomly selected (certainly not based on usefulness or function) "Featured" Generators don't appear in the "All" list, so there are 2 different places to wade through to try to find something.

You also put way more than a screenful of generators on each page, so we're still forced to scroll, and you don't even bother to scroll each new page back to the top, so we have to scroll up to see all the generators and then scroll back down to jump to the next set. No way these are accidents, since one test would show how badly this works. Obviously a deliberate attempt to make the user experience the worst possible.

What happened to the Search capability that actually existed back in the Alpha? Did it work too well? I know you try to do everything you can to make sure Generators are completely useless to everyone. How about just removing them from TC like you clearly want to?


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