Change Project Within Project Editor

It would be good if the project to which a design is associated could be defined in the design window. Presently the only place where the project can be defined is the top level window showing all projects. I often "forget" to define the project selection and invariably have to fire up a new editing session to change the project. I would really like to change the project when I change the descriptor text, which can be done within the editor.

It would also be useful if a design could be associated with multiple projects. Some of my designs (e.g. thumb wheels) are used in multiple projects and it isn't unusual for me to duplicate designs so that each prject has its own copy.

It would also be good if the project edoitor window displayed the name of the project which the current design is being edited. I am frequently hopping back to the main window to remind myself what project name I'm working with.

Question: If it were possible to change the project from within the editor, would it be nessary to continue with the project selection from the top level window? Surely selection of the project would be best done within the editor.


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