Increased Scale for LARGE projects

I realize that the build limits are probably based on desktop 3D Printer volumes.  However, people are using TinkerCAD for much more than just designing small objects.  I love TinkerCAD for it's ease and simplicity.  In fact, it's my go to CAD application for most projects now.  However, if I want to think BIG... I have to do some sort of conversion in my head to make it work.  Example:  If I wanted to design a doghouse... it won't fit (unless I use inches as feet).  Then I can design the whole project... I just need to constantly remind myself ("6 inches in the real world is actually only 1/2 inch in TinkerCAD" and so on).  I've done some pretty large scale designs this way... but I think it's time to realize that TinkerCAD has moved beyond 3D Printers, and make larger build volumes (thus larger grid divisions) a standard feature.


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