Where'd the letters go?

Somewhere between TC and my MK3, the (raised) lettering on my models is disappearing. 

Not entirely; I'm getting a few tiny "nubs" where the letters should be.  There also seem to be some problems with slicer software reading or interpreting  the STL files.
I am not ascribing blame--I just don't know yet what I don't know, so I'm hoping for some insight/direction.

It's not just the lettering per se; I successfully printed out a name tag I made for the printer--no problem.  It occurred to me that perhaps the disappearing lettering was too fine (small) for the printer to handle (some fine detail on imported/converted graphics was lost as well), yet it handled a fine detail I was expecting to fail--a reeded edge on a maker coin.

So part of me is asking, if it can handle detail like this so beautifully (the picture doesn't really do the print justice--I just suck at macro-photography), why is it choking on letters and detail several times larger than these edge reeds?

Can someone explain to me what's going on/what I'm doing wrong?  Are there suggested limits/guidelines as to size of text/width of details I should be aware of when generating models for 3d printing on TC?  I'm good at following rules when I know what they are (even if I tend to push them/rules lawyer 8^D )  Seems like I may  be repeating mistakes countless others have made in the past, and nothing in the way of tutorials has mentioned anything beyond, "Of couse FDM isn't perfect."  Well, duh.  :-)

Would graduating to more sophisticated modeling software (Meshmixer, Fusion 360) help, or is that not the problem either?

Any insight/direction greatly appreciated!

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