Designing for Printing

Is it better to design for printer settings, or adjust printer settings to meet design dimensions, or will the Slicer figure it out?

For example, if my design is 1.5mm thick, and the slicer (Slic3r in this case) is set to lay down a first layer @ 0.2mm, and subsequent layers @ 0.15mm, the math doesn't work out; the thickness (by printer settings) comes out to either  or 1.4mm (0.2 + 8 * 0.15)  or 1.55mm (0.2 + 9 * 0.15).

So, should the design be adjusted to one of those heights, or the printer settings adjusted to come out to 1.5mm exactly, or doesn't it matter (will the slicer adjust/figure it out)?

I just spent the morning reading articles about designing for printing, where they covered perimeter thickness, infill (but not the answer I was seeking) top & bottom layers, and more.  It was educational & all, but none of anything I read touched on my question above.

Thanks (again!)

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