Preserving versions, organizing designs

 I've really been enjoying getting to know TinkerCad. What an improvement from how I remember CAD software!

I'm wondering, if I have a design that I'm happy with but I want to try something new that may or may not improve it, is there a way to "snapshot" a version other than to duplicate the project and name the dupe v2? I wouldn't even mind if this were an offline export but if I export an STL that loses the components (for example a hole and a solid grouped are just the finished object in an STL).

I've been doing the above -- duplicating the project, but I end up with a LOT of designs of course.  I suppose I could also duplicate the object in the same project and drag one version off the workplane but I'm not aware of any way then to note what's what other than maybe dropping some text near it.

Thanks for any ideas!


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