TinkerCAD Object Positioning

 If you position an object in the TC editor where the X, Y or Z axes is set to a high value (000's of pixels) it is impossible to navigate to the object to bring it back into the editable zone.

Although this might seem like an unlikely situation, I suffer with Parkinson's and an unfortunate symptom is that my fingers can double- or triple-tap a value in machine-gun style, and
if I enter 100 this can very easily become 1000, 11100 or 100000. If this happens and I accept the value then the TC editor accepts the value, shows the object as a miniscule dot in
the project overview screen - but gives me no opportunity of re-editing it to bring it back into view.

This can be caused by upsizing a project if multiple objects are selected.

As the object is no longer in view I am not aware it's there until I leave the edit window, at which point I lose the opportunity to Ctl-Z the object back into view.

The only way I can fix this is to DELETE the project and start over.

I think there are two possible ways in which this might be improved in the TC editor:

1) Disallow entry of X, Y or Z which exceeds the edit window limits - this would seem to be the most likely situation..

2) Provide a new menu option which will force all objects back into the editable zone.



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