Farewell Legacy Editor

I rememeber when I got attention of the first version of Tinkercad around 2012. It was really exciting and this was the starting point for me designing things on my own for 3D Printing. Before I only printed existing models from Thingiverse et. al. which was quite unsatisfying after a while. 

Thanks to Thinkercad, I learned more and more about 3D modeling and 3D printing. In addition it was Thinkercad that encouraged me to share my knowledge to newbies and kids via workshops and writing a book for 3D Printing beginners.

How sad was the announcement that Tinkercad would shut down 2014 (?). There was no easy and such intuitive 3D design tool at that time. 

And what a relief when shortly later Autodesk acquired Tinkercad. 

Today a big thank you to the former founders and Autodesk for taking over and further improving and enhancing it!



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