Cylinders not printing round

I made a very simple part with two small cylinders with a cone top and a .220 dia. hole in the center. The overall height is only .606 and the two cylinders are .390 in dia. & .490 dia.".  There are a couple of  problems.   Both cylinders have stepped side and aren't a nice smooth curve.  How can I correct this issue?

I made a very simple part using two small cylinders and a cone top, with a .22 ia. hole in the center.  The two cylinders are only .390 diam. & .490 dia.  With the overall height being .606.

There are three problems.  First the cylinders don't print out smooth all of the way around.  The side walls have flats all of the way around.  Next the cone top didn't seal.  It's just Infill and lastly, even though the Build Plate Adhesion said "Brim"...the bottom is open too! 

It's not solid.  You can look right in it and see the Infill.

Can anyone let me know how to correct these issues.




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