"Shape generator failed to build"


 Hi, Tinkerworld! So I have this vexing problem that I've been unable to solve.

 Short version:

 Try loading this project. You should get a "shape generator failed to load" error even though there's just a single object, a cube, visible. Deleting the cube won't fix the bug.


 Long version:

 I spent some weeks building a really complex project. Mostly just nested primitives, but some shape generators such as an "SVG Revolver" object. I was getting ready to print it when one day, out of the blue, the project failed to load.

 I spent a ton of time ripping out parts of the design, trying to figure out where it's failing. But even reducing its complexity did not solve the problem. And none of my intermediate backups of the project will load.

 Basically, it seems like a backend code change to the renderer, related to shape generation, must have caused an unexpected regression.

 I've now reduced the project to 1 object (0 if you delete the cube!) and it still won't load. Could someone at the coding end of things take a look at this?

 Thanks in advance for your help!

- nkg


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