Inappropriate Posts

Someone reported to me inappropriate items/posts in the gallery.  I've reported these directly The day before last and yesterday - they're still up today - but I would like to discuss how to improve the moderation of items as well as if it is possible to restrict access to the gallery for students/groups so we don't have to worry about parent complaints.  

For instance - This is a screenshot from the gallery today from searching for the 'n' word - obviously no automated filtering is happening on submissions/edits.

I would suggest that not only should items be unable to be posted with obviously inappropriate terms, but the user account should be temporarily locked out to determine of the person will be removed entirely, blocked from posting to the gallery or merely warned. 

On a side note - My first forum post about this yesterday is still being held for moderation before other forum users will see - mainly adults I presume, but the objects can be posted to the gallery with no moderation at all - a place i presume mainly used by kids. Something about this doesn't make sense!


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