signing in with Google and Under 13 parental consent

I would like to have my students (about 100) to sign up and log in to Tinkercad using SSO a social provider - their school Google/Gmail accounts. I understand if they do that there is no verification step and I can have them all join my class.

However, I would still like their parents to be informed that they have a Tinkercad account and have their parents sign some type of consent form.

So, my question is:

If there is no verification step, is there still a way for parents to sign your parental consent form so that you would get all their parental information and the parent could become a moderator on their child's account?

Do you have another parental consent form that is not looking for information from the parents just their consent? 

Is there another way for parents to become moderators on their child's account. 



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