4000-series integrated circuits


SInce Tinkercad is all about tinkering, I am surprised to see that none of the integrated circuits of the 4000 family are available. The 4000 series is very useful for tinkering, because of their wide supply range of 3 - 15V. You can as easily use them with a few AA-batteries, a 9V block battery, or in a car from a 12V car battery. Whereas the 74HC series (many of which are now modelled in Tinkercad) can only be supplied around 5V. Ok, the 74HC series is faster, but for many tinkering projects, speed is much less important than the wide supply range of the 4000 series.

For instance, the 4017 decade counter is used in many hobby projects, as is the 4093, 4001, 4013, etc. Could they be added in the near future?

Best regards, Erik


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