Bugs and suggestions for codeblock editor


I carried out a few days of tests of the new codeblock editor for TinkerCAD and i thoroughly enjoyed what I tried. Finally it is possible for programmers like myself to play with CAD drawings in a manner we can understand. Thank you thank you thank you. 
At the same time, I feel compelled to mention a few problems I have encountered with my first try, that definitely look easy to address and solve at the first chance you have. This is an initial list of my findings. 
1) Command "Add Object" (not "Add copy of object") is available and works, but it is not present in the list of commands on the left. You have to manually copy and paste it from another drawing. 
2) There is a maximum number of 200 primitives for a drawing. This is extremely limited in scope, and only very simple drawings can be generated. It would be very helpful to increase this number. 
3) There is a practical limit of 12 variables and/or objects in a drawing. The limit is not hard. Simply, after 12 variables and/or objects, I loose access to the command "rename variable" and I am stuck with automatic object names. 
4) Speaking of which: while automatic names for object are generated unique every time (object1, object2, etc.), every new variable has name "item" with no number and after 12 variables you keep on recreating the same variable because you cannot change its name, as mentioned in 3). 
5) The command for renaming variable should show the current name as default, and not being empty. Sometimes you just want to change a single character in a long name and you do not want to type it again completely. 
6) When replacing a value in a parameter of a command, the old value (e.g., the name of the variable) ends up BEHIND the current block of instructions, and unless you move them away get completely lost. 
7) Pasting values copied somewhere else should be displayed in the part of the document that is currently shown, and not near the place the block was copied. It becomes very hard to repeat parts of code from a different area of the document, because you have to drag it by hand all the way from its original position to the new one where you want it. 
7) Copy and paste works for single blocks only. It is impossible to copy & paste, for instance, two or more objects, you have to do it for each individual block. Painful. 
8) The green block for formulas is extremely hard to use. First of all, there is no visible difference between the shapes for (a+b)/2 and a+(b/2). This makes re-reading formulas very hard. Second, most of the operations I performed required simple and frequent operations such as "divide by two" and "change sign". Taking current value and change its sign requires therefore to 1) remove the variable from the parameter of the command, 2) look for and select the formula item in the list on the left, 3) drag and drop it in position in the command, 4)  replace the variable name in one of the slots of the formula, and 5) repeat the list of actions every time you add another operation. Thus something fairly simple such as -(a+b)/2) requires 5*4 individual actions, which is very hard and boring. Ideally, I would appreciate being able to enter the formula by hand typing it the content, including variable names: it is much easier to simply type "i * -1" than go find the formula, drag and drop, scroll to the list of variables, find "i", drag and drop it onto the first slot in the code, select the second slot and type "-1". Please let us write the formula on our own, or, if this is hard, add "change sign" and "halve" in the list of available functions. 
9) I would appreciate a mechanism for re-selecting an already create element so that further commands such as rotating or changing its position can be given to it even after I have created another object. 
10) I would also appreciate a "Wait" command with the option of setting the time to wait in milliseconds, so that I can create animation of sliding or moving parts. 
11) I would also appreciate an ungroup command.
12) I like that I can save my drawings as parts. Can I load these parts as well in other drawings? That would be so cool. 
13) I really do not understand how I can reliably create the icon of my drawings to be shown in the initial "Designs" screens. Sometimes it is generated, sometimes it is not, I do not understand how to make sure it is generated and stays generated. 


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