Codeblock jump to Codeblocks and layout.

I've just started using Codeblocks today and I've created my first design that I'll probably 3d print later at some point.


I've been developing on it for most of the day.  There is a lot of pros and a few cons.


Just for the sake of not wanting to write a huge post. I'll just give my quick two cents.


1. having to step through every time is annoying and maybe I haven't messed with it enough to know how to make it start at a certain point, it's just really time-consuming.


2. moving around in the development layout is very difficult and gets cluttered fairly quickly.


I despise that I have to move whatever I'm working to the top of the code block so I don't have to wait for it to iterate through 38 loops to create the notches in my gears.

Other than these minor annoyances I love Codeblocks it's like Openscad but 1000 x times more user-friendly.



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