Export support for laser cutting

I'm trying to use TinkerCad to design 3D objects then moving the pieces into a format that I can use for laser cutting the faces of the shape.  The current SVG export support (manually slicing faces with the workplane) is far too work intensive to be useful with a 3D shape, so I'm trying to use the OBJ export. 

My test case is a simple dodecahedron (12 sided shape), each face of which is a pentagon - https://www.tinkercad.com/things/e5551OiB6MR-dodecahedron 

Looking at the OBJ export file, each pentagonal face is decomposed into a mesh of 3 triangles such as:

f 1 2 3
f 1 3 4
f 1 4 5

If there was an option to not produce a triangular mesh, and instead the OBJ face definitions corresponded to the surfaces of the object as in

f 1 2 3 4 5

Then I could easily use the face definitions and vertex definitions to create the shapes to laser cut in order to recreate the object.  I know for non-simple shapes (ie, shapes with holes, bevels, etc) this option might not be possible or might produce gibberish, but being able to support this for objects with simple polygonal faces would still be extraordinarily useful.  Leaving it to the user to ensure that the shape is appropriate for a non-triangular mesh is a restriction I could easily live with.

Please consider adding such an option.





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