Request align-plane-to-grid function

Please add a function to align a plane of an object to the grid.

I've been running into a problem lately where, due to what I'm assuming are rounding errors, changing the angles of items then moving the back to what are supposed to be 0° on all axes in order to make adjustments ends up with angle differences less than 1° from when the object was created. That's enough to make an impact on dimensions when making further edits, especially with complex objects. Constantly hitting "undo" is sometimes not an option because of other steps that were taken after the object's angles were changed. The only solution now is to create the object, make a copy of it, place the copy at the appropriate angle, and delete the copy if further changes need to be made. Project resources are NOT finite, however, and I've run into resource contention issues on some of my projects because of copying complex objects. Having a way to perfectly align an object so that it's at 0° on all three axes would solve this problem.


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