"Fit to Contour" Feature

Hi all, I use TinkerCAD a lot, and the most annoying thing I run into is when I have a design or pattern (eg the Voronoi pattern), but I want to fit it onto a curved or irregular surface (eg a sphere or a wavy surface). Right now, this involves me making copies of parts, cutting into cubes to make "negatives", and then cutting the pattern with the negative to replicate or match the shape of the surface. The problem is, this also distorts the patterns (especially with text or square designs) so I can't reliably use this method. 


So, I would like to request a "Fit to Contour" or "Map to Face" feature that would allow me to select a pattern, select the face I want it fitted to, and then click "fit" and have the program do the work for me, much like any other CAD program would allow.


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